Technical Program Manager


I am a multi-faceted technical project manager and website development professional with over 25 years experience developing websites, and almost 10 years innovating for and guiding major government agency initiatives. I specialize in bridging the gap between the technical and the practical, effectively connecting developers, content producers, and end users to deliver maximum value to my clients.

I served as web team lead for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for over five years, spearheading an entire site redesign that set this FEMA ahead of all other major agency websites in terms of speed, mobile-friendliness, and positive customer engagement. My team of nine developers was responsible for the day-to-day management of all the websites for the Office of External Affairs, including,,, and the FEMA mobile app; we supported over 400 content editors, thousands of FEMA contributors, and millions of site visitors per month. My initiative earned me the Bluewater Federal Solutions “Extraordinary Achievement Award” in 2014. Given for outstanding performance, the award highlighted my leadership and specialized skills which helped the company to win and keep the FEMA contract.

As a technology leader and innovator I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency, efficacy, and performance. Whether it’s writing custom bash scripts to install, self-update, and run local Drupal development environments to onboard new team members in 20 minutes rather than the typical several days, improving CI/CD scripts to decrease deployment times from hours to seconds, or finding ways to automate security scans across multiple platforms, my constant driving influence is to increase business value.

Extending to other areas of business, my leadership has encompassed client management, project planning and personnel management, 508 compliance, PII policy concerns, security compliance requirements, and enterprise solutions architecture. I served as technical lead for Bluewater with both the General Services Administration (GSA) and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS). As Drupal expert, I often lent his expertise during the proposal writing process for new business.


  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Containerization
  • Team Management


  • BA in Creative Writing

    Florida International University


Project Management

Leadership, Planning, Delivery


AWS, Containerization


Compose, Custom Containers


Modules, Themes, Architecture


PHP, Python, Bash


Redhat, Linux



Bash Script for Backing up Files

This script backs up one or more files to a target directory, and keeps rolling copies up to a set number.

Docker Compose Examples

A collection of useful, working examples of applications deployed using docker-compose.yml.

A simple bash script to pre-install a bunch of Atom plugins, so that everyone on your team has the same Atom configuration.

SSHuttle Wrapper

Those who use sshuttle with hostnames whose IP addresses change (such as tunneling to a hostname behind a CDN), this script automates connecting, disconnecting, and keeping track of IP addresses.

Accomplish­ments & Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner exam enables individuals with an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud to validate their knowledge with an industry-recognized credential. It provides individuals in a larger variety of cloud and technology roles with a way to validate their AWS Cloud knowledge and enhance their professional credibility.
See certificate

DHS Office of Accessibility 508 Certified “Trusted Tester”

Students will learn about the Section 508 Standards applicable to the web, how to install and use web accessibility test tools, and how to apply the Trusted Tester process for testing web sites and web applications for conformance to the Revised Section 508 standards.

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